Sunday 24 November 2013

Weekend Update: Announcing the first 7 confirmed authors

Confirmed Authors Attending AuthorCon April 2014:


Mary Ann O'Leary

Author of children's poetry.
Mary was also the 2012 winner for age 6-8 poetry in the Wishing Shelf Awards.

Billy Bob Buttons

Author of numerous children's books including 'I Think I Murdered Miss' and the Felicity Brady series.

Faiz Kermani

Author of children's books from age 7+ in English and other European languages.

Lorna Murphy

Author and illustrator of children's books.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

K.C. Finn

Author of a wide range of science fiction, mystery, urban fantasy and time travel/historical tales. Also signed as a Young Adult novelist with Clean Teen Publishing.


Terry Murphy

Crime writer and dark humorist published by Grinning Bandits Books.


Michelle Abbott

Adult romance author who favours underdog heroes.

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