ACUK Authors

Confirmed Authors Attending AuthorCon April 2014:


Mary Ann O'Leary

Author of children's poetry.
Mary was also the 2012 winner for age 6-8 poetry in the Wishing Shelf Awards.

Billy Bob Buttons

Author of numerous children's books including 'I Think I Murdered Miss' and the Felicity Brady series.

Faiz Kermani

Author of children's books from age 7+ in English and other European languages.

Lorna Murphy

Author and illustrator of children's books.

David C Holroyd & Tracy J Holroyd

Authors of non-fiction for adults and children's fiction.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

K.C. Finn

Author of a wide range of science fiction, mystery, urban fantasy and time travel/historical tales. Also signed as a Young Adult novelist with Clean Teen Publishing.

Marie Nelson

Author of short steampunk adventures.

Hazel Butler

Author of paranormal mystery and gothic literature.

Will Macmillian Jones
Author of humorous fantasy.

James E. Parsons
Author of science fiction, horror and literary fiction

Marc Everitt
Science fiction author.

Mark Roman
Sci-fi humour writer.

John Walker
Author of crime adventure 'Space Trash'

James Starling

Author of speculative fiction


Terry Murphy

Crime writer and dark humorist published by Grinning Bandits Books.
Goodreads // Facebook // Twitter // Amazon

Derryl Flynn
Author of crime noir and published by Grinning Bandits Books.
Amazon // Publisher Facebook

Simon Gould

Best-selling thriller author of over 80,000 ebooks.

G.L. Briggs
Author of supernatural thrillers.

Christopher Bowden
Author of  literary mysteries.
The Blue Book // The Yellow Room // The Red House


Michelle Abbott

Adult romance author who favours underdog heroes.

L.J. Sealey
Author of paranormal romance.


Sue Moorhouse
Author of fairy tales for the mature.

Literary/Contemporary Fiction

Jane Burdiak
Contemporary fiction based on fact and autobiography.

David York
Author of biographical drama fiction.

Sammar Ally
Author of contemporary fiction.

Historical Fiction

St Darlington Ngozi Obi

Cherry Gregory
Author of historical fiction.

James G. Skinner
Author of historical fiction, thriller and non-fiction/true life.


Jill Pennington

Author of ex-pat memoir 'The diary of a single parent abroad'
Amazon // Youtube // Facebook // Twitter // Smashwords // Kobo

Frank Kusy

Travel/memoir writer with Grinning Bandit Press.
Facebook // Twitter // Goodreads // Amazon // Publisher Page


Elsewhen Press
Publisher primarily focusing on speculative fiction.

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